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When to Replace the Roof? Advice from Rockford, IL Roofing Contractor.

When to Replace the Roof? Advice from Rockford, IL Roofing Contractor.

Rockford, IL Roofing ContractorIt is important to know when it is time to replace the old roof.

 Letting the old roof go to long can be a costly mistake for homeowners. This is one home project that should not be neglected or overlooked. Old brittle and deteriorated shingles can take in water and damage the wood beneath causing rot, mold, and damage to the insulation and drywall. Roofing systems have come along way in the past ten years and the right system can protect your home for many decades. K&H recommends a Lifetime Shingle. Many roof shingle manufacturers now offer the lifetime architectural shingle. In the past couple years many of these companies have upgraded their 30 year shingles to a lifetime warranty. Which will allow homeowners the chance to replace the roof for the last time. 

Signs you may be in need of a new roof:

- You have missing shingles or roofing tabs. These areas can be fixed, however you may want to address the fact that you will be fixing additional shingles in the future. This is a good sign the existing roof may have not of been installed correctly.

- The Roof Shingles are curling up. This is never a good sign. Water can get in under the shingles and cause damage. Curled shingles are also a sign of poor attic ventilation. Be sure to have enough vents installed on the roof and ample venting in the soffit areas.

- You can clearly see black spots on the shingles. This is a sign that the granules are worn off or may even be hail damage.

- Granules are in your gutters and at the base of the downspouts. This is a sure sign your roof is wearing down with each rain. This is a sign that you may have been exposed to hail damage.

- You have a multi layered roof. Having more than one layer of roofing was an affordable way to replace the roof. However, this adds extra weight and the odds are there may be no Ice and Water Shield to protect your roof edges from Ice and Water damage. Most cities require the Ice and Water Guard in their building codes.

- You can see your roof is sagging. This is a sign of a weakened structure and should be attended to properly.  Make sure you get it in writing with the contractor before work commences to address any sagging sections that they are repaired and shored up properly.

-  Blistering and Cracked shingles are a sure sign that it is time to replace the roof. Shingles that are blistered and cracked are dried out and are past their lie expectancy. Waiting to replace the roof in this case is not a wise decision.

- Water spots on the interior of home. This is a sign you have water leaking into your home and it is time to patch this area right away. If the roof is aged then it is time for a new roofing system to be installed.

K&H Exteriors, Inc. in Roscoe, Il. installs lifetime roofing systems and has been a highly rated roofing contractor in Rockford, IL and Northern Illinois for the past 50 years. Contact K&H for a free estimate in writing for the replacement of your roof.


How much does a roof cost in Rockford, IL?

According to Homewyse.com the typical roof project in the Rockford, IL and Beloit, WI area can vary upon a few things.

Let's take a roof with a lower walkable pitch and fiqure it is right around 2000 sq. feet of roof coverage. The roof will have its existing shingles removed and hauled away from the property. Ice and Water Guard will be installed. A felt underlayment secured with cap nails will cover the decking. Drip edge, flashing, boot covers, and vents will be installed. Finally, a Lifetime Warranty Architectural Shingle will finish off the job. The site will be clean from any debris.  The cost of labor, material, debris removal, permitting, deliveries, taxes, and contractor fees will be included in the figure. Price per square foot is ($5.43 - $7.05)

Per HomeWyse.com:  The cost of a 2000 sq. foot shingled roof = ($10,860-$14,100)

K&H Exteriors installs quality roofing systems a fair market value. Get a free roof quote in writing from K&H and see how much value you get for your dollar spent.


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How Much does Vinyl Siding Cost in Rockford, Illinois?

The cost of installing vinyl siding has risen over the past few years. The cost of a siding project can vary upon the products you select to have installed on your home.  A typical vinyl siding job will consist of removing the old siding, installing a house wrap or and insulation board, installing the finish trim, and installing the vinyl siding panels. Siding is quoted by the square. A square is simply 100 sq. feet in coverage.  The average home is around 16-24 squares in coverage. According to homewyse.com the typical cost for a vinyl siding project in the Rockford, Il and Beloit, Wisconsin area is $330 on the lower side to $448 on the higher side per square of siding. This would include the labor, material to install siding. This would not include any window and door cappings, soffit and fascia, gutters, and contractors overhead. Keep in mind this does not include companies that work out of their trucks and home garages. You should have only a reputable, established, and quality contractor install your vinyl siding. You will thank yourself later if any issues may arise with the installation.

Examples of vinyl siding costs in Rockford, IL and Beloit, WI.

1.  A ranch home with approximately 1500 sq feet of wall coverage. 15 Squares  = ($4,950- $6,720)

2. A 2-story home with 2400 sq foot of wall coverage.  24 Squares = ($7,920-$10,752)

K&H Exteriors installs custom quality vinyl siding for for market value. Find out how much value you can get for your money with K&H.

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