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 Metal Roofing Systems

 Metal Roof Installation in RockfordMetal Roofing is a great solution to your homes roofing needs. There are many benefits of having a metal roofing system installed on your home. Metal roofs have a life span longer than a conventional shingled roof. The average life of a metal roof exceeds 50 years. In many cases this system can be installed directly over your homes existing shingles. It is a light weight durable material that stands up to the toughest weather conditions. Metal roofs can reduce energy costs in the summer due to its highly reflective surface.  Metal roofing will probably be the last roof installed on your home and is virtually maintenance free. 

Styles of Metal Roofs.

metal roof styles

There are many styles of metal roofing homeowners can choose from. Standing seam, slate, tile, shingle, and shake are commonly used. Select the style and color that best fits your homes exterior look.

Each style is available in a variety of colors.  Select from browns, reds, blues, greens, white, grays, and black. Ask a representative to show you the available colors in each style.

We carry different manufacturers of metal roofing and each carries its own guarantee on its product.


Energy Efficient Metal RoofingEnergy efficient metal roofing.

Metal roofing systems are known for it energy efficient properties. They keep the utility bills down in the warmer months by reflecting the sun and heat away from the roof. Giving you another good reason why a metal roof system may be the best choice for your home.


Commonly asked questions about the installation of a metal roof.

Will my metal roof rust?

No. Metal roofs are made with a metallic coating that protects the metal from any corrosion. Then the panels are painted in the factory. 

Will my roof attract lightning?

Not any more than any other type of roof. If your home was to be struck by lightning it would be dispersed evenly throughout and would cause no damage.

Will the metal roof be dented from weather?

Metal roofs are very durable and can take a lot of abuse even heavy hail. These roofs have very high wind ratings around 140 mph and up. 

How much noise will I hear from my roof?

You will hear less than a standard shingle roof. Metal roofs have a very low sound rate. This is a common myth about metal roofing products.

Can I walk on the roof? 

 Yes. These are the most durable products available. However, there are certain ways to walk on the roof to guarantee you do not step on the seams. Ask us about how to properly walk on the metal roof you have selected.

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