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 We install high quality shingled roof systems in the greater Rockford area. Select from our many shingle styles and color options. We are currently offering a laminated architectural shingle that carries a Lifetime Warranty. We take care in all of our shingled roof projects from the landscaping to flashing we stand behind every aspect of our installation process. We install the proper underlayment, flashing, vents, ice guard, and metal edging to guarantee your investment is a sound one. Before we install any shingles we properly prepare the roof deck. We replace any damaged wood or any weak spots in the deck. Then we install and Ice and Water guard on all the edges and valleys as needed. This product products any water from getting in your home due to ice buildup along the edges of your home. Free Roof Estimate in Rockford Area.

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We Install Shingled RoofsSteel RoofingFlat Roofs, and Wood Shake Roofing Systems.






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